Meet Bridget!

owner of Bridge Physical Therapy. Bridge services are tailored to each individual's needs for Physical Therapy, Personal Training & Reiki Services. No two patients or clients are alike and their treatments/sessions are customized to their specific needs and goals. Services are provided in her comfortable, relaxing and spacious Walpole, MA office.

She also offers limited Mobile services in the comfort of your home or office.

Doctor of Physical Therapy &

Board Certified

Orthopedic Specialist

Our Doctor of Physical Therapy has

attended a multitude of

Continuing Education courses taken to provide the latest and most Evidence Based care.

60 minute Private Reiki sessions. 

Reiki is a peaceful experience that allows you the opportunity to connect to your best self.

Reiki allows you to relax the body and the mind while clearing any blocked energy or stress from within you. We hope that you feel centered and refreshed following a session.

Dr. Faucher is a Certified Reiki Master.

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